Tuesday, July 05, 2005

No Justice

Mark Steyn has some acerbic words of wisdom on the recent Supreme Court rulings regarding public Ten Commandments displays and the issue of eminent domain.

Eminent domain now means that everyone's property is up for sale to the highest bidder if the government says so. I wonder, just how many back flips can the Founders do in their graves before the ground starts shaking?

The time is long past due for a judge to be assigned to the highest Court. Not a politician, not a special interests representative, not a celebrity. A real judge. Someone who will look into the text of our Constitution and see exactly what is written there, not what he or she thinks should be written, or what might be nice if it were written, or worse yet, what would probably be written in Europe.

The gauntlet has already been flung down. The fight for confirmation will be furious. It will be ugly. But we musn't be deterred. We need a judge.

If President Bush fails to appoint a real judge, We the People will continue to find no justice on the Supreme Court.