Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The People's Cross

Today I voted, for the third time in 14 years, to preserve the cross atop Mount Soledad.

I'm hopeful that Proposition A will pass. Just a few days ago, a judicial ruling changed the necessary votes from a simple majority to two-thirds, which is a daunting percentage to reach in such proximity to the election. But the polls closed a few minutes ago, and I saw the earliest returns on TV. So far, 75% of the votes counted are in favor of preserving the cross.

When one disgruntled atheist can be successful in challenging the majority wishes of an entire community, we no longer resemble America. I'll wait to see how the results shake out in the morning light. It just might look like America again, after all.

UPDATE: Proposition A passed with three quarters of the vote. Both a judicial review of the constitutionality of the vote and yet another legal challenge by San Diego's most obsessive atheist are scheduled next month.