Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My Guys

There they are, my fellas, about half of them. These were my adopted soldiers, courtesy of Soldiers' Angels. They are home safely now for the past six months, but they served one long, difficult, dangerous year in Iraq.

I had the honor and privilege of supporting them with cards, letters, and the ever-popular care packages.

How did I become a Soldiers' Angel to ten troops? Initially, "the Sarge" was my assigned soldier. He wrote to thank me after receiving his first carb-and-sugar loaded goody box and told me how much "the guys" enjoyed the treats. Sarge mentioned that he didn't eat sweets...and so began my tradition of sending two boxes each month, one for Sarge and one for "the guys." I don't know who had more fun, Pete and me putting the packages together, or our guys when they received the booty.

I keep a framed copy of this photo on my desk at work, to remind myself each day to be grateful for the service of our troops.

I have an adopted Marine now through Soldiers' Angels, since April. I send him a care package each month. We have never corresponded, but I worry about him every bit as much as I did my guys last year. He is always in my prayers. I honor and cherish him as my friend and protector, which he truly is.

I realize that I may never meet or even hear from my Marine. No matter. He will always be one of my guys.

Thank you, Michael. Be safe and well.