Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Politically Correct, Realistically Wrong

Random searches in the New York City subway systems means that blue-haired New Jersey grandmothers and blond-haired Swedish exchange students are as likely to be stopped and searched as any young Arab male.

This is the height of stupidity.

Why does the F.B.I. post its "Ten Most Wanted" posters in a public place such as your local post office? Because they would like people to see what these criminals look like and, if they think they recognize one of them, to call the authorities. All this so that, just possibly, the F.B.I. can apprehend the criminal before more crimes are committed.

Thinking caps, everyone. Apply this process to global terrorism. Who do we seek as the criminal?

I have yet to hear of a American grandmother or a Scandinavian student acting as a suicide bomber. If I've missed the news bulletin, please clue me in. I listened to one brainiac this morning on the radio arguing that Timothy McVeigh was white. Yes, so was Hitler. They've both been dead for years. What's your point, Einstein?

Since September 11, 2001, the enemy has presented a consistent appearance. To ignore that fact so as not to offend anyone is an idiotic luxury we can not afford. Do we need another American city in flames before we get this? Apparently, we do. We are very slow learners when it comes to protecting ourselves intelligently.

Click here to learn more of the American history the public schools don't teach anymore, and here to read about the benefits of harsh, unhesitating actions in war. We'd all better start figuring this stuff out fast. Hopefully, while the Jersey grandmas and the Swedish sophomores are still alive.