Monday, September 05, 2005

Good Neighbors Blogging

Today is the final day of the "blogburst," the 5-day period, September 1st through September 5th, that bloggers devoted to promoting charitable aid to our neighbors impacted by Hurricane Katrina. There isn't much more to say, except that if you haven't made a contribution to the relief efforts yet, please do so. Even a few dollars donated by any individual to a worthy charity will make a positive difference in many lives.

If all Americans contributed just a few dollars, we would be well on the way to funding the beginning of recovery. If we all continued to donate on a regular basis over time, the work will proceed that much faster.

My chosen charities are Catholic Charities Hurricane 2005 Relief Fund and Soldiers' Angels Operation Katrina Soldiers Relief Fund. But there are many other reputable charities and relief organizations, linked here, and here.

Pay a visit to The Truth Laid Bear to see what progress American neighbors have already made in the relief efforts, with the help of the blogosphere. Then dig deeply, into your hearts and your wallets, to help however you can.

Funding the relief efforts for our fellow Americans is very good work. Happy Labor Day to all.