Friday, September 30, 2005

Sit Down, Shut Up

The New York Times is in full hand-wringing mode now that the Freedom Center (so called) has been chopped from the World Trade Center site. Such a pity that the globalist elites will have to look into "creating a vibrant, meditative space" for international events elsewhere than the site of the 9/11 slaughter in New York.

The Gray Lady laments "a profound fear of free speech" afoot in the land. Hmm. I hadn't noticed. It seems to me that most people speak more freely than wisely, especially when the media is involved. For example, New Orleans Mayor Nagin seems perfectly comfortable hurling not only accusations, but also spouting vulgarities and profanities, whenever a microphone is within arm's length of his stubbly chin.

Of the 11th hour common sense attack Gov. Pataki acted upon in nixing the Freedom Center, the NY Times loftily proclaims: "We believe that the site is sacred to more than death. It is sacred to life and to the principles and people attacked there on Sept. 11, 2001. We believe that the United States can be made stronger only by free speech."

This is the U.S.A., so you go ahead and believe whatever floats your boat. From my observations, speech is never quite so free as when the press is wielding it to hammer their agenda. Somehow, when the voice of the people disagrees--as it rightly did on the Freedom Center--free speech is not quite so welcome.

I believe that the United States can be made stronger by knowing when to keep it zipped, also. Just ask any troop in harm's way.