Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Army Lt. Gen. Russel Honore, head of the active duty forces responding to Hurricane Katrina, knew what he was dealing with when he spoke to the press in New Orleans Tuesday in preparation for the pending onslaught of Hurricane Rita.

"Let's not get stuck on the last storm," he warned reporters, right up front.

Honore then began to give pertinent information on current evacuation plans. But when the media representatives insisted on questioning the good general on events pertaining to Hurricane Katrina, to the detriment of his disseminating urgent public evacuation information as Hurricane Rita approached, Honore pronounced them "stuck on stupid."

I don't know how much of America will hear about this. So far, coverage has been extremely light and carefully varnished. I suppose that's to be expected. Who wants to publicize being called stupid--more than once--by a general? But you can read the transcript of Honore's remarks at Radioblogger, and better yet, listen to over three minutes of audio that is priceless in its no-nonsense bluntness. I, for one, felt like standing up and cheering when I heard it.

So if MSM is S.O.S., what does that make Lt. Gen. Honore? A-OK with me.