Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Long and the Short of It

Mark Steyn's article in the Opinion Journal is a lengthy piece. But it needs to be read by every American who cares about basic survival, nevermind our children's future. If you don't have the time now, print it out and read it over your lunch break. As Mark points out in the very first line, "Most people reading this have strong stomachs..." So if you're fortunate, you'll still feel like eating when you've finished the article.

Hat Tips for this link go to: Hugh Hewitt, Irish Pennants, The Anchoress--a litany of heavy hitters in the blogsphere are pointing readers to Steyn's hard facts. Whether we want to accept reality or not, the bottom line is that we're in deep yogurt with this strange and ominous worldwide war, and we will be fighting it for a very long time.

Thanks, also, to my friend Rick, for e-mailing the article to me in a distribution that went to several other of his friends as well. The more Americans get educated about what we are up against, the better armed we will be.

That's enough from me. It's Mark Steyn you should be reading!