Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Few, The Cloud, The Marines

"Just as the few disgraced the many at Abu Ghraib, the very few who may have committed murder in Haditha will place a burden on the shoulders of every soldier, sailor, airman, marine and coast guardsman fighting terrorism. Each of us has a duty to not add to that burden, and to help relieve it as well. If those few Marines killed innocents in Haditha, their conduct is an aberration, not the norm. It is up to each one of us to ensure that the events of Haditha do not tarnish the brave and selfless service of the many who came before, or any who come after. Except for the aberrant few, the Marines are always faithful to America. In times such as this, we cannot fail to be faithful to them."
~ Jed Babbin


Of the hundreds of thousands of troops who have served and are serving in Iraq, how many are bad apples? But if I may mix my adages, a rotting apple gathers all the moss when it comes to press coverage. Whatever happened at Haditha, truth will out. If U.S. Marines murdered civilians in cold blood, of course those guilty Marines should pay the full penalty according to the laws of military justice.

But it is terribly unfair to tar all Marines with the same brush. Give the Marine Corps credit where it's due. The vast majority of these troops are dedicated, principled, and loyal to the Marine's code of honor.

Think about it. With the way MSM has pounced on the Haditha story, we certainly would have heard about it if they weren't.