Monday, June 26, 2006

Hurt At Home

"The disclosure of this program is disgraceful" ~ President G.W. Bush

Read Secretary of the Treasury John Snow's marvelous and scathing letter to the New York Times, that endless source of aid and comfort to Al Qaeda. In furious yet elegant phrasing, Secretary Snow plainly calls the Times' editor, Bill Keller, a full-on liar. Keller claims that government attempts to prevent the revelation of the financial tracking program used to collect data on terrorist operations were "half-hearted." Snow nails him on it, perfectly, in a take-no-BS letter that is a literary work of art.

Visit Hugh Hewitt's site for extensive coverage of this blatant act of treason by the Times and its Executive Idiot, Keller. The blogosphere and talk radio are on fire with this betrayal of America, and rightly so. The Times deserves a crippling blow to its dwindling readership, and I think this time people might be fed up enough for that to occur.

In fact, I'm a bit frustrated at the moment that I don't have a subscription to the NYT, simply to have the pleasure of canceling it.