Thursday, June 22, 2006

Questions and Answers

Hello! The Sears Tower, an Al-Qaeda target? Big surprise! Well, the Islamo-terrorists want us dead. Write it down, MSM reporters. I know, it sounds harsh and war-like, but isn't there a good reason for that?

It's because WE ARE AT WAR.

What about the WMD in Iraq? Are Americans really shocked to find out that the caches were there? Or were most of us expecting to hear this frightening news all along? And by the way, MSM, why aren't you covering this story? Seems kind of major, don't you think? Hmm...could it be it sounds like our troops in Iraq are exactly where they're supposed to be?

If it sounds that way, it should, because WE ARE AT WAR.

Special memo to the clueless Senators from Massachusetts: Why can't you leave the 1970's in the past where they belong? We are a very long way from Vietnam, and WE ARE AT WAR.

Write it down, Beavis. You too, Butthead. Which senator is which character? I hope they debate that point. It will stretch their cognitive capacities to the limit and, with luck, could occupy them for the rest of the war.