Friday, June 23, 2006

Yes, But... far as the media is concerned, there's no story here. Whatever kind of WMD you find, they're always the wrong kind of WMD.
~ Mark Steyn

It's so true. Whatever progress or success is achieved in the Iraq war, the press minimizes and "buts" it down while accentuating our shortcomings and/or failings. And our negatives always get the most attention.

Here are a few examples from this very month:

Yes, we got Al-Zarqawi, BUT we didn't get Osama.
Yes, our soldiers were tortured and murdered, BUT our troops are accused of war crimes.
Yes, they found tons of WMD's in Iraq, BUT they're old and outdated.
Yes, there was a terrorist plot to take down the Sears Tower, BUT the government is trampling our privacy.

Read or listen to Mark Steyn's excellent interview yesterday with Hugh Hewitt, linked here.

Yes, I used to watch network television news, BUT now I prefer to hear real facts on talk radio.