Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ten Questions For MSM

Mainstream media, or "MSM" as it has been anagrammed in the blogosphere, obsesses on very specific, often inane and completely vapid topics. The story of Nero fiddling while Rome burns comes to mind, suddenly seeming not so distant or implausible.

I don't know where MSM reporters get their marching orders, but I've got questions. If anyone can give me one reasonable answer for any of the following, I'll sit through the next Barbara Walters special:
  1. What bearing does the status of Tom Cruise's career have on world events?
  2. Why must I view a photo of Baby Suri before my life can be considered complete?
  3. How does what John Mark Karr--or is that John Karr Mark?--drank on the plane from Thailand have anything to do with anybody?
  4. Why must murderous psychopaths always be identified by three names?
  5. Since almost 100% of the terrorist attacks against the West are committed by Muslim men between 20 and 40, why don't airport security teams search Muslim men between 20 and 40?
  6. Why is pop music at Gitmo considered torture, but videotaped beheadings are not?
  7. Why should we worry about hurting a terrorist's feelings by calling them Islamo-fascists?
  8. If we don't hurt terrorist's feelings, do you think they'll stop blowing us up?
  9. If we don't hurt terrorist's feelings, and they don't stop blowing us up, will you finally understand that they're the bad guys?
  10. If and when you finally understand that they're the bad guys, do you think we'll have enough time to crawl out of the rubble and save our country?