Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Game of Reality

Detroit is leading Oakland, 5-0 in the 5th. There's still a lot of baseball to go in this game, so Tiger fans, conserve your energy. Meanwhile, MSM seems downright depressed that North Korea's nukes have knocked horny gay politicians off the front pages. Check out this gloomy quote, from CNN's Jeff Greenfield:
So does the North Korea test trump the Foley scandal? Here's one point to keep
in mind: there's a month to go before Election Day. The North Korea story may
well fade by then...the Foley follies are likely to stay front and center for

The "Foley follies" have already been “front and center for weeks”! How much longer can MSM flog this broken zipper of a story? An unstable nation has hit a home run news item, and seamy e-mails simply can’t score against that fact. Nor should they.

MSM would do well to take a lesson from baseball. In baseball, situations change in a split second, and players need to respond to the moment. What seemed like sudden death at the bottom of the ninth short hops into a revitalizing rally in the space of one slider. Easy winners sometimes lose, in dramatic and humiliating style. Longtime losers find themselves line-driven into unexpected victories. In baseball, players understand when it’s time to shake it off, suck it up, let it go, wrap it up, or take it home.

MSM needs some spring training in the game of reality. Watching the MLB playoffs is a good place to start.