Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Red Bird Flu

The Cardinals beat the Mets 4-2 in St. Louis last night. Tonight's do-or-die game will take place at Shea Stadium, the Mets' home turf. I sure do hope we get to Game 7, and I hope the Mets clinch the title.

I'm sick of the Cardinals. Who wants to watch Belliard sticking out his tongue every at-bat for the entire World Series? Of all the odd batter's box mannerisms I've ever observed, Belliard's drooling lizard imitation is the most nauseating. Pujols is certainly a talented hitter, and he's in a good mood right now because the Cards are up a game. But he's an obnoxiously poor sport when his team is on the losing end.

Hey, Mets: Come on, guys. Remember Tug McGraw's rallying cry: You gotta believe.