Monday, November 27, 2006

A Timely Idea

At last, one-stop news shopping (HT: Hugh). All of my favorites, including Real Clear Politics, are right there on the same page.

As I browsed among the seemingly endless links, a giddy news junkie not knowing which headline to gulp down first, TheNewsRightNow seemed almost too good to be true. Could I be dreaming? Then, I read this story on banning Christmas scenes from a Christmas festival. Its sheer absurdity reassured me that I'm fully awake.

I wonder, when will the right occasion arrive for "officials" to worry about offending Christians? Evidently not at Christmas time. That's the news right now--and yesterday, and tomorrow, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. Bah, humbug!

Well, I'm not an "official," and I'm not "worried about offending non-Christians." Especially at Christmas time. So MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my readers. Christian or not, I hope you enjoy the coming season.