Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Irony of Freedom

I realize that the inane stupidity vomited forth daily on television's "The View" is not germane to the clear and present dangers of our time. In fact, being at work on weekdays, I never have seen the show--except for the seemingly endless montage of tasteless video clips popping up on internet news websites.

But this latest idiot attack has prompted me to wonder if these vacuous excuses for females ever stop to consider that the only reason they are allowed to spew such mindless venom over public airwaves is because we live in the most free country in history.

The tittering TV heads absolutely delight in eviscerating our national leaders. And they do it with impunity, because this is America. No matter how big of a jackass you make out of yourself, over two and a quarter centuries of dead heroes ensure that you have the right to shoot your moron mouth off about people who stay up all night to keep you safe. So go ahead, knock yourself out, girlfriend. The "joke" is on you.

Somehow, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or Kim Jong-il always seem to get a free pass from the clueless media crowd. There's never any trashing of the maniacs who want all Americans dead. In Iran or North Korea, tacky one-liners against government authorities would buy "the stars" tickets to their own execution. Do they get that?

Probably not. Understanding the substance and value of our freedoms would require the application of cognitive neurons. From where I'm sitting, "The View" is quite dim.