Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Yes, It Can Happen Here

Hugh Hewitt's Townhall column today deals with the feasibility of the Season Six plot line of television's hit show "24." I've been a manic fan of the show for a couple of years now and am all caught up on every episode from past seasons. So I know that a lot happens in a short timeframe, but a nuclear explosion in Los Angeles took the show to a whole new level of terror.

Although the fictional Jack Bauer combines all the Herculean qualities of a hybrid Superman/James Bond hero, the character is meant to portray our struggle against the very real dangers we face from our enemy. I was surprised by the sudden catastrophic ending to the last episode of the 4-hour season premiere (I didn't expect it quite so early within the "24" hours!). But I can't say I was shocked. A mushroom cloud may certainly be in America's future, if the radical Islamists get their way.

Going too far? No way. I say "Bravo!" to the producers of "24" for laying the true stakes on the table. It really might be that grim in the not-so-distant future, if we don't address the problem effectively in the here-and-now. It never hurts to remind people of what we are fighting for and against.

And Hugh makes an excellent point. Why do the "going too far" critics of the fictional "24" have nothing to say about Iran's actual and repeated promise to "wipe Israel out from the map"? If you want a nonfiction example of "going too far," that statement should qualify. Can a "real-time" mushroom cloud be far behind?