Thursday, February 08, 2007

First-Class Phony

What is wrong with this picture?

Nancy Pelosi wants a bigger jet to get her home to California in non-stop fashion. It seems the puny 12-seater aircraft that was good enough for former Speaker Hastert simply won't do. No refueling landings are to be tolerated by the "I'm second-in-line to the presidency" Speaker Pelosi.

All of this flap over Her Excellency's style of transportation, while war rages in Iraq and our troops fight on. "Let them inhale greenhouse gases!" may as well be her dismissive motto. Aren't all the polar bears dying from global warming, according to Pelosi's majority party? How will a larger jet for Pelosi's personal jaunts serve the oft-cited greater good of reducing gas emissions?

But of course, aside from exceptions to be made for her luxurious preferences, Princess Pelosi also supports the troops but not the mission. This is tantamount to stating that she supports her spouse, but not her marriage. It does not compute, and logical people know that.

Logical people. The ones who usually stand in line to fly coach. You know. The ones who vote.