Friday, February 09, 2007

Nice Try, No Sale

Okay, I've finally had a few minutes to catch up on the Edwards' blogging flap. What a deplorable waste of a precious few minutes it was.

I've read what the Edwards bloggers Melissa McEwan and Amanda Marcotte have to say, and I've intentionally deleted the hot links to their blogs from this post. Go "Google" them, you should pardon the term, if you really want to read the profane trash they are so proud of. However, scheduling a root canal might be more a more enjoyable activity.

The bloggers have dutifully cried their crocodile tears and insist that "it was never their intention to malign anyone's faith." Sure. It would be interesting to see them try blogging some sexually disgusting blasphemy about Mohammed. Somehow, I think they'd be on the unemployment line instantaneously--and probably murdered before they collected their first check. As usual, anti-Catholic slander is acceptably chic and a comfortably safe target within the in-crowd of the lefty elites.

Slippery presidential hopeful John Edwards thinks he has snake-oiled his way out of this disgraceful incident, but I have a feeling it will haunt his campaign. As my husband Pete used to say, "You can't hide what you are." Edwards is a phony and a coward, both difficult character flaws to keep under wraps for any length of time.

Melissa McEwan and Amanda Marcotte are vicious, hateful, intolerant, pea-brained, filthy-minded, garbage-mouthed pigs. Oh, no offense, girls.

Most importantly, I should go on record that it's certainly not my intention to malign any pigs. In fact, my apologies to pigs. Perhaps a better word for Melissa & Amanda would be "beasts."