Saturday, March 24, 2007

On His Way Home

I received wonderful news from Soldiers' Angels today. 1SG Rob will be coming home in April. His Easter goody box just went out today, so hopefully he will have some snacks for the long plane ride home.

If he's gone before the box arrives, that's just fine. My backup instruction, if package is "undeliverable," is always "Any Soldier" at Rob's APO address. So the M&Ms would never go to waste.

The e-mail from Soldiers' Angels asked if I want another name. Is the pope German? Of course I want another name! This next will be my fifth soldier. I'm a lightweight compared to some Angels. I had an e-mail chat once with a volunteer in the midwest who always has six boxes going at once, for six different troops. Now THAT's an Angel!

If you'd like to feel better about our world situation, Soldiers' Angels is the perfect answer. Adopting a troop from any branch of the military is as rewarding as it is constructive. From a veteran SA, my advice is to give it a try. Through your correspondence with our heroes in the field of battle, you'll understand exactly what "supporting the troops" means. (I wonder how many members of Congress volunteer as Soldiers' Angels? That would be an interesting question to toss out at a press conference.)

Hang in there, Sgt. Rob. You're almost home. Stay safe and well, and please write me when you get back onto U.S. turf. As always, my prayers and thanks are with you.