Sunday, March 11, 2007


When you find yourself vacuuming and cleaning bathrooms at 9:00 P.M. on a Friday night, you know you're short on time.

Such was the case two nights ago, as I tore through my long-neglected house. I was heading out of town on Saturday morning, for a weekend visit with friends in Los Angeles. Since this is the dreaded "Daylight Savings" moment, the weekend was shot for me anyway. I positively loathe this time of year. And this year, of course, the leap ahead launches even earlier. This means that 5:15 A.M., when my alarm clock goes off, will again be o-dark-thirty, as in the dead of winter. Just when it was starting to glimmer with dawn a bit earlier the past few weeks.

And of course, the new daylight savings schedule renders my satellite alarm clock pointless. I invested in it because it automatically changed the time at the appropriate hour on the designated weekend. But someone forgot to tell the satellite programming about Congress's bright idea. Now the "smart clock" has to be manually reset like every other stupid clock, watch, and electronic device in the house. That's how I spent my first half hour upon returning home today--checking and resetting every blessed time piece in the house.

Can Congress honestly find nothing better to do than tinker with our clocks? Do they have two neurons firing among the lot of them? How could they possibly think this was a worthwhile endeavor?

Wait, don't answer--I haven't the time.