Monday, March 05, 2007

Waiting for Equal Time

Okay, I'm waiting.

How long is it going to take someone in the media to challenge the fact that two presidential candidates gave political campaign speeches from church pulpits?

Where is the editorial outrage over such abuse?

Where are the demands for immediate removal of tax-exempt status for the churches involved?

Where is the outcry over the dangers of not completely separating church and state?

But of course, the speakers were Democratic candidates, so relax--that's allowed by our fair and impartial MSM, especially in the cases of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Can you imagine Rudy or Mitt giving a presidential campaign speech from a church pulpit? No, I can't, either. I suppose it's just as well. The longer we have to remember Hillary's frighteningly phony Southern accent, the better the Republicans will fare next election.