Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Illness Within

I have a very simple way of dealing with the disgusting media exploitation of the Virginia Tech massacre.

I don’t watch it.

Last night, when the nauseating non-stop glorification of the evil sicko-killer started on the evening news, I took my dog for a one-hour walk. The television remained dark and silent when I returned, quite purposely. Today, I find that it’s rather challenging to find internet news links to stories on the victims. Most of the coverage is incessant, sensationalized articles about the evil sicko-murderer.

Tonight, my television set remains dark and silent. It will probably stay that way for several more days.

You won’t find the evil sicko-killer's name in anything I write. There are roughly a billion other places you can read it, if you want to. His personal agenda was easily fulfilled by our moronic, soulless, totally predictable MSM.

There are 32 stories I want to see covered. I’m willing to bet that there are a lot of Americans who want to see the same thing. But because our civilization is in moral decay, because the ruling media elites are industriously dismantling and destroying anything of worth or decency in our society, those stories will be a long time in coming. In fact, we may never get to learn more about the students, and teachers, who died.

These slaughtered innocents were the promise of tomorrow. A budding branch of our future has been ripped away from us, the brightness of their lights extinguished. That is the important story. Their parents, their families and loved ones who are suffering unimaginable grief, they are the important story.

The evil sicko-killer was a contemptible coward who chose a classic coward’s way out of this world. He is not important, no matter what NBC and the bandwagon networks try to sell us in their pathetic attempts to justify their crass greed and weakness. As the media continues to ram the evil sicko-killer’s twisted garbage down the public’s throat, the families of Virginia Tech must suffer further pain from this blatant pandering for ratings. That is beyond outrageous. It is an intolerable obscenity.

I'm not sure how long it will take me to stomach the thought of watching anything presented on NBC.

One psychiatrist has termed the incessant exposure to the evil sicko-killer a “social catastrophe.” He’s is a lone voice crying in a bleak wilderness, but he is absolutely correct. How tragic that our media culture is far too diseased to recognize that fact.