Monday, July 09, 2007

A Call To Action

I received a couple of e-mails today from Vets for Freedom. These military heroes are concerned that Congress, perhaps even the White House, is about to sell out our troops with premature demands for withdrawal.

So am I.

It's difficult to realize that this is the same country that never wavered in its support for our troops throughout the hundreds of thousands of casualites during World War II (different sources provide varying numbers; the lowest recording is 291,000+ killed). The U.S. lost over 5,000 troops in a few hours on D-Day alone. Can you imagine any member of Congress standing up after that grim report to announce a discussion to withdraw the troops?

Our military men and women deserve the trust, respect, and consideration they have earned with their hard work, blood, and tears. The vast majority of the troops believe in what they are doing. In spite of coming elections, why can't Congress believe in them? In view of what our troops are enduring for us at present, it seems a small thing for a pampered politician to do. Especially when so much, for both America and the Middle East, is at stake for the future.

One of the e-mails from Vets was entitled "A Call to Action" and listed specific steps veterans and citizens alike can take, one of which is calling ten wobbly Republican senators--their names and numbers are listed. I encourage all to visit the Vets for Freedom website to learn how each of us can truly support our troops.