Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Where Are the Headlines?

One Marine's View has this very positive report. It's not something we'll ever see on the nightly news, or read in the morning paper. Hearing it from the Democratic Congress is even more of a fantasy. Harry Reid just pulled the plug on a troop pay raise, so we know for sure he's not too interested in the troops' progress.

On his show today, Hugh Hewitt interviewed Gen. David Petraeus for over a half hour. It was fascinating to listen to the general's direct and informative answers. I'm grateful to have heard this, because it's information I never would have received otherwise. Is there not a single MSM anchor interested in talking with the war's commander? Evidently not.

Since that's the case, the troops need to make their own news. Vets for Freedom has been very busy promoting the troops' mission on Capitol Hill. That's our U.S. military, just getting the job done, with or without the headlines.