Saturday, October 20, 2007

Another Window to the World

I've been plugged into this link to Arts & Letters Daily for a fair chunk of the afternoon. Many thanks to my cousin Robert for sending it along.

The site is chock full of very readable goodies. Although content lists quite noticeably to the left, it's reasonably central. I didn't find the nasty, far left ranting so often encountered in web surfing. The first thing I clicked on was the "Columnists" link, and there is a robust representation of center types and conservatives.

I can overlook the inclusion of Maureen Dowd. Any website that provides links to Mark Steyn, Victor Davis Hanson, David Brooks, Christopher Hitchens, Thomas Sowell, the Weekly Standard, and National Review has some major mojo going for it.

You're right, Bobby, this site is one to watch. It's always beneficial to find another window into our world that's intelligently presented. I'll be visiting it as often as I do The News Right Now. If it remains as interesting, informative, and high quality as it is today, Arts & Letters Daily will soon earn a link in my sidebar.