Thursday, October 18, 2007

An Unreported Outrage

Hillary Clinton has chosen three "national security advisors."

They are: Madeline Albright, the good-time champagne gal of North Korea; Richard Holbrooke; and none other than old Stuffed Sox himself, Sandy Berger.

Can you imagine the media meltdown if Alberto Gonzales or Dick Cheney had smuggled documents out of the National Archives, hidden in their foundation garments? And "lost" them? The story would be a screaming headline for months on end. Conspiracy theorists would be lined up at The Leher Hour. Hanes and Fruit of the Loom would make public announcements to distance themselves from the Bush administration.

However, there wasn't much MSM fuss over Sandy's self-proclaimed "mistake" at the time. Even news of his conviction was muted and soft-pedaled until it died a quiet death.

Read Ronald Cass's piece, "Sandy Berger and the Real Hillary Clinton," and see if you don't feel the fury building. Lord help us if this crowd gets control of our "security." Is it possible that the U.S. will put these...these...people back in charge of the country during a time of war?

We're going to find out sooner than I like to think about.