Sunday, November 11, 2007

Veterans Day

Photo from Dept. of Defense website, November 11, 2007

Storm'd at with shot and shell,
Boldly they rode and well,
Into the jaws of Death,
Into the mouth of Hell

From The Charge of the Light Brigade
~ Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Not much has changed over the centuries.

There are still military troops, human beings of uncommon strength and bravery, who step into the breach when called upon to defend and protect fellow citizens of their homeland. The sacrifices of these remarkable men and women can never be repaid, merely recognized, respected, and appreciated.

So thank you to all of our veterans, of all branches of the United States military, living and dead. Special gratitude from me to my grandfathers, my uncles, my brothers, my cousins, and my friends who have served in U.S. uniforms. Without you and your courageous dedication, Americans would not enjoy the life we have today.

Happy Veterans Day. God bless you, every one.