Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Hard to Believe

Lifted from today's headlines, here are five items I find so incredible that they're worthy of receiving awards:

  1. In the "Silly Me" category, the "Intelligence" community now says Iran isn't up to any mischief. Oops. Nothing to see here, folks, let's all go back to sleep...until the next crisis.

  2. In the "Pot vs. Kettle" category, Hillary Clinton expresses doubts about Barack Obama's "character flaws." And she's not kidding!

  3. In the "We're Not Biased" category, the Boston Globe breaks the earthshaking story that Mitt Romney has fired his gardeners for employing illegals. How many lawns did John Kerry have, and how many of his gardeners had working papers, in 2004?

  4. In the "I thought this was America" category, Mitt Romney (again) is planning a speech to explain why his religion is no impediment to his performance of presidential duties. Closing in on 50 years after JFK's speech on the subject, have we really made no progress?

  5. In the "Unworthy of Extensive Coverage" category, the Clinton campaign's "hostage drama" is in its fifth day--with no clue as to when the media will release us. I wish I could find this amount of MSM ink on the success of the surge!