Sunday, January 27, 2008

This Will Leave A Mark

Sometimes it takes a while to recognize that someone has a special ability to get us to believe in ourselves ... and imagine that together we can do great things
~ Caroline Kennedy, speaking of Barack Obama

Ouch. I'll bet "Billary" are beside themselves, both of them unable to believe that this isn't just a terrible nightmare. Caroline Kennedy, the usually quiet Princess of Camelot, publicly endorsing the upstart senator from Illinois who is stepping all over their co-plans for the Clinton presidency, Part II.

The best part is, they dare not snipe at this revered American icon. Hill's screeching criticism, Bill's bony forefinger, would cost innumerable votes if ever directed at Caroline Kennedy. Bill may burst a blood vessel trying to contain himself, but he'll have to grit his dental veneers and bear it. Practicing a bit of self-control (for once) will do him good.

I admire Caroline Kennedy. She's a lady who maintains a very private life with her family and involves herself in worthy causes, such as the high-minded Profile in Courage awards. She has borne terrible loss and sorrow in her life, and she has done so with grace and dignity. Although she could have the world media at her feet if she was so inclined, Kennedy keeps her own counsel almost all the time.

Emotions are tricky things. We can easily get carried away by them, even in our most serious decisions. Yes, I can understand a child's longing for a lost parent, especially one taken so early and under such tragic circumstances. Of course, I realize that inspiration has been lacking at the head of our government for over twenty years. Certainly, I know that we need a strong leader. But I look for concrete facts from a candidate, not the nebulous imagination of great things. I already believe in America, and I vote as a citizen, not as a daughter.

Nevertheless, I appreciate Caroline Kennedy's endorsement of Barack Obama for president. I'm in favor of any wrench, thrown from any direction, that can jam the Clinton machine.