Thursday, April 24, 2008

Behind the Mask

This is the pool he swims in

Rev. Wright's anti-American rhetoric was bad enough. Now, we've got word of outright terrorists chumming around with Barack Obama.

From the sound of the audio clips from 2007 in this article, it doesn't seem as though their philosophy has changed much since Obama was "eight years old." No wonder he can't "close the deal" with Democratic primary voters.

What's fascinating is that new media is forcing this story into the light of day. MSM, if they ever even bothered to "vet" their superstar, would never expose Obama's connections to these radicals. But as Hugh Hewitt's article chronicles the mushrooming trajectory of this story, through talk radio and the internet, it is painfully obvious that old media will never again be able to clamp the lid on news to suit their own agenda. Hats off to Guy Benson for springing this important scoop.

Obama's smile isn't quite so wide these days, and with good reason. His judgment is quite rightly being questioned, much to his distaste. Hey, if Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos can rattle his cage so easily, how is Obama going to handle Kim Jong Il or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad when they act up?

American voters deserve to know what's behind Obama's carefully constructed, old media-protected personna. The more facts that are funneled to us via a diligent new media, the more we're learning that there's plenty to be concerned about.

Sometimes the man behind the mask turns out not to be the hero, after all.