Thursday, June 05, 2008

Mere Bias or Pure B.S.?

Hmmm. I wonder.

If John McCain’s next-door neighbor, close friend, real estate partner and campaign financier had been convicted on 16 felony counts, do you think perhaps it would have gotten more than Charlie Gibson’s offhanded one-liner on the news last night?

Don’t you think that maybe such a juicy scoop on the Republican nominee might have been the lead story on all TV news broadcasts, above every front page fold? Oh, I definitely think so. I doubt that the New York Times would have buried the conviction of McCain’s buddy on page A-18.

A casual mention on the alphabet networks, an unobtrusive filler article in the back of the newspapers, and the Fourth Estate has done its job in shielding their chosen Messiah from harm. We can’t say MSM doesn’t report the news.

Last night, after interviewing Barack Obama for two segments of ABC Nightly News, Charlie Gibson promised that John McCain’s interview would air tonight. Is it just a coincidence that the ABC news broadcast was pre-empted on the West coast tonight to accommodate the NBA Finals?

The entire MSM is in the tank up to their collective eyeballs for Obama, and that’s only one reason why they can’t see straight. The print media seems to be in a frenzied competition to see how many uplifted Obama facial portraits--preferably surrounded by a halo of light--can be slapped onto news magazine covers between now and November.

It’s the wise voter who will do his or her own research in this election season. Please excuse me while I go hunt down tonight’s McCain interview on the internet.