Monday, August 04, 2008

Getting Energized

I'm trying to save the planet.
~ Nancy Pelosi

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi must have been in a serious hurry to “save the planet” during her five week vacation. She literally shut out the lights and cut the microphones as she left several Republican members of the House of Representatives behind in the darkened chamber. These legislators are taking a stand on the issue of oil drilling, forgoing their summer recess in favor of demanding relief for American citizens who are suffering high prices at the gas pump. Pelosi, of course, wants none of it.

If this remarkable protest session continues all week, as the Republicans have promised it will, perhaps the MSM will be coerced--or shamed--into giving the matter some measure of media coverage.

Pelosi doesn’t want a vote on oil drilling, because she knows she’ll lose. Most of the American electorate is very clear on this issue—drill fast, drill now, drill more, get us the oil quickly, and push the prices down. It’s simple, Yankee ingenuity-style action. But Pelosi has her far left-wing environmentalists to keep happy, and Barack Obama to protect, and she’s not going to budge. It’s “her” House, after all. She will decide if there will be a vote. There hasn’t been this degree of flagrant abuse of power since—well, Watergate.

The majority Democrats, led by the dug-in Pelosi, are stuck with a tuned-in electorate who understands the problem all too well. Pelosi doesn’t need to worry about gas prices, but most voters do. Her obstructionist tactics will backfire. All the children she frets about breathing “the planet’s” dirty air must also be transported to and from school and other activities each day. And these gasping children are ferried about primarily by parents (and voters) who can ill afford $4 per gallon gas.

Pelosi needs to do her primary job as a responsible American legislator first and worry about “the planet” later--preferably after she's tossed out as Speaker. We’ll be happier “citizens of the world” after we start drilling for more domestic oil.