Wednesday, August 06, 2008

No Sale

Today we have made history, now let us make progress
~ Nancy Pelosi, November 2006

Michelle Malkin blows the whistle on "San Fran Nan" Pelosi in this article.

Remember when Pelosi began as Speaker of the House? She was going to be sure her reign incorporated "integrity...civility...bipartisanship." Instead, she has shut down the Capitol, jetting off on vacation, spewing her high-heeled carbon footprint on the Republicans who have remained behind in Washington to work on the energy crisis.

Pelosi has had her day making history but has effectively squashed any glimmer of progress. Her political and personal goals, ambitions and agenda always trump any concern "the American people" might have as they endeavor to keep their cars on the road. She has made a dysfunctional, unmitigated mess of Congress and is completely unconcerned.

Anyone planning to buy Pelosi's new book should first check out that famous bridge in Brooklyn that's up for sale. The bridge would be a better deal.