Saturday, October 04, 2008

Worth Seeing

In one scene during An American Carol, the lefty documentary maker Mike Malone and the ghost of Gen. Patton are watching a college anti-war demonstration. The general defines "demonstration" as young people repeating something they don't know in a loud voice.

If there's a more apt description, I've yet to hear it.

At that point, I noticed at least one young couple get up and walk out of the movie theater. As a once-upon-a-time anti-war demonstrator, I could sympathize: the truth can hurt.

An American Carol
is not a laugh-a-minute movie; it's heavier on message than humor. But it has its steady stream of chuckles. In an early scene spoofing the terrorists, the jihad leader calls out "Mohammed!" and about fifty men pop up from behind scattered rocks. There's a large helping of "Three Stooges" style slapstick, and a fair share of bathroom humor that sometimes misses its mark.

Overall, it was worth seeing simply for the breath of fresh air that a rare, pro-American Hollywood movie provides. As they were during the Great Depression, pro-American films during our country's current troubled times might be a positive idea. What's the harm in reminding ourselves that we already have and enjoy blessings that most of the world's countries are still struggling to obtain?

Towards the end of the film, there is a respectful nod to 9/11 and an effective homage to our fighting troops down through the centuries. The final scene mirrors the conclusion of "Casablanca," my favorite movie of all time.

Director David Zucker took a chance in making this film
. If Americans would like to see more movies made with the same perspective, it deserves widespread support. As stated, it's worth seeing--especially to watch JFK climb in and out of a widescreen TV.