Sunday, February 08, 2009

No Surprises

Mark Steyn's NRO article is a customarily entertaining recap of the first two weeks in Obamatopia. Read it for a chuckle; we all need one of those these days.

However, I can't agree with Steyn that the rapid descent of President Obama from his lofty, media-created heights is such a surprise. While hoping I was wrong (if "hope" is still an appropriate word), I fully expected him to fall on his inexperienced face rather quickly.

On a more acerbic note, Victor Davis Hanson tartly outlines the public unraveling of the "cool" president. An interesting analysis, but here again, no surprises. President Barack "The One" Obama is totally unaccustomed to difficult situations, negative scrutiny, uncomfortable questions, and multiple criticisms. His pique and impatience under pressure is to be expected. Obama's ill-temper at his current woes is the logical outcome of the shameless, uninterrupted fawning over him by MSM for years. He never thought he'd be challenged, at least not to such a significant extent.

Now the president is throwing a virtual tantrum and screaming "Catastrophe!" if the stimulus bill doesn't pass. How's that for "change you can believe in"? At his next podium appearance, Obama may well draw himself up and bellow: "How dare you defy me! Don't you know who I am?" This, too, would not surprise me.

MSM created this self-aggrandizing monster, and America now has to live in its uncertain clutches for at least four years. We'll need to pace ourselves on the obviously rocky path to "hope" and "change." While thus far the plot line has been predictable, there may yet be a few surprises along the way.