Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Signs of the Times

Today's tax day "Tea Party" protests are proving fascinating.  Despite MSM's best efforts to paint them as carefully-engineered right wing media events, real American people are shining through with honest reasons why they are marching in unity, often in stormy weather, in many major cities across our country.

OUR country.  Not the politicians' districts, not the president's self-perceived kingdom.  "We the People" are going on record to voice disapproval for the government's wild spending spree, and they're doing so in a peaceful, effective, creative way.

Our Founding Fathers would be proud.  In fact, I think they would probably be out there with them.

I've been watching the hard-to-find television coverage.  Some of the signs are priceless, and I've listed my Top Ten Favorite Tea Party signs, below:

1.  Chains we can believe in
2.  YOU have run out of OUR money
3.  My piggy bank is not your pork barrel
4.  What's in your wallet?  MY MONEY!
5.  Obama:  Commander in Thief
6.  Keep the Change
7.  Needed:  Swine Item Veto
8.  Stimulus = weapon of mass destruction
9.  Don't tax me, bro!
10. Pelosi
      Killing the economy!