Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I'm the one...

...still without a cell phone.

I know, I know. Get with the times before we move on to communicating through our wristwatches. But there is an explanation. Really.

In my most recent two jobs, I've had a company cell phone. That was more than enough wireless exposure for me. Despite the non-stop phone conversations in progress all around me, at any given moment, I feel no compulsion to be talking to someone 24/7. Answering a phone call while on the freeway, at the grocery store, or in the bathroom simply doesn't appeal to me.

My newest job does not provide cell phones, which is fine (and smart, if you ask me). However, 25 miles of freeway is a long and lonely stretch of road should an automotive emergency occur during my commute. Secondarily, my friends are becoming increasingly vocal in their disapproval of my incommunicato status, especially when they're trying to give me a heads up about work or traffic issues delaying our lunch or dinner plans.

So this weekend, reluctantly, I will go cell phone shopping. I'll buy the cheapest phone with the fewest amount of features, as I'm easily confused by technology. Being cell-free has been a pleasure that, like most small joys in life, can not last forever.

Next week, dear friends, I'll finally be wireless. Please give me a few minutes to adjust before you call.