Thursday, August 06, 2009

The People vs. Obamacare

Have you signed the Free Our Health Care NOW! petition yet? If not, it's linked here. (You won't get spammed if you remember to uncheck the boxes at the bottom.)

Over one million Americans have signed it, and it hasn't taken very long to reach that number. I signed it towards the end of July, when signatures stood at about 500,000.

Victor Davis Hanson has an interesting analysis posted today in Real Clear Politics about the grassroots rebellion against the proposed government takeover of our health care system. Regardless of what the Obama administration would like us to believe, the majority of protestors are not organized right-wing activists.

Over one million signatures on the health care petition? I doubt we have that many right-wing activists in the country, at least as of today. Although with the way President Obama is trying to shove Americans around, a growing ground swell of conservative activism could be part of that promised "change we can believe in."