Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Poll Toll

Rasmussen's polls are comprehensive and interesting. I like to check his website out at least once a week to watch the government's downward spiral.

This week, 52% of voters at least "somewhat disapprove" of the president's performance. Ouch. Most administrations would be smarting under those numbers and probably looking at revising their strategy to appease voters. But President Obama is different. He doesn't want to merely "preside" over the U.S.A.; he wants to rule. He is an ideologue on a mission to "transform" America, and he will not be dissuaded by such trifling matters as voter opinion.

The polls can keep dropping like a stone through water, but I predict that Obama will do what he wants to do and the citizens be damned. Even if his approval numbers plummet into the 20% range--and I suspect they might--he's got lots of time before 2012 to do major damage.

Welcome to bogus "hope" and mandatory "change." I remain 100% opposed to the Obama Solution. According to recent polls, I've got plenty of company.