Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fighting for America

The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen
~ Dennis Prager

After the weekend cram-down of health “scare” reform, against a storm of popular opposition, we all may as well live in Venezuela. This is a surprise?

Before he was elected president, Barack Obama promised to “transform America.” The good news is, for once he told the truth about something. The bad news is that this “transformation,” if unchallenged, holds the seeds of our destruction.

Think about it. How many young people will want to pursue medicine, now that the profession will become a government-managed bureaucracy? How many successful, long-established physicians will choose retirement rather than sacrifice their independent medical practice for a government-run clinic? In the face of either scenario, let alone both of them, who will treat the 30+ million newly insured? And by the way, who will pay the tab of trillions of dollars that we don’t have?

Oh, piffle--details, details. The president waves them away with a sniff and presses forward toward his leftist utopian dream, the U.S.S.A.—United Socialist States of America.

What will he do when the current euphoria fades and Obama realizes he can’t blame this one on George W. Bush? Although he’ll try; it “should have been done by the previous administration,” or some such whining. But, I digress. Back to Armaggedon, American style.

The health reform bill actually does create tens of thousands of new jobs—for the IRS. Yes, the provisions of the bill dictate that the IRS will expand dramatically to ensure that each and every citizen, company, organization, corporation, etc., pays its healthcare dues. Forgot to purchase your health policy? Kiss your tax return bye-bye, and get ready to cough up extra for the penalties. It’s all for the collective good, comrade.

There will be legal challenges to this travesty while the opposition gets ready to fight on this issue in the midterm elections. Voters and citizens opposed to this disgraceful legislation are furious at being ignored, and the Democrats sadly underestimate the ardor this issue inspires. So more good news, Republicans will most likely win majority in November and start down the long road to repeal. I, for one, will support that any way I can.

No, it’s not Normandy or Guadacanal, but it’s a battle in a war all the same. A bloodless civil war, as Dennis Prager notes, but just as much a struggle to defend our American identify as any fight on any battlefield in the last two centuries. To paraphrase that great American Revolutionary war hero, Paul Revere: to arms, to arms—the government is coming.