Saturday, March 06, 2010

Servant Leadership - A Way Forward

Servant Leadership - to equip, inspire and encourage those we influence in order to make a profound positive difference in the world.
~ from The Art of Servant Leadership, by Tony Baron, PhD

It's an intriguing story of a new way to do business successfully amidst enduring economic pain after the financial meltdown of recent years. The book relates the history of how one CEO, Art Barter, changed course and dedicated his company, Datron World Communications, to creating a better world through the philosophy of servant leadership.

Barter did this by applying servant leadership principles within both the company and the community. During this process, within a mere five years, Barter has multiplied Datron's bottom line many times over.

CEOs seeking a formula for success should look no further than Tony Baron's book. In the cynicism of today's business climate, following Wall Street's collapse and the Great Recession we still struggle to recover from, Datron's story of servant leadership offers a refreshing alternative to the standard business model of profit over people. By putting people first, Datron has greatly increased its profits, even during the worst financial crisis of our time.

In the wake of the innumerable financial failures the business world has suffered recently, Datron's success proves that servant leadership is an idea whose time has come. It offers a bright, new way forward through our dark economic times. Wise business leaders will take note and add Baron's The Art of Servant Leadership to their list of required reading.