Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Evil Ignored Grows Stronger

At NRO's "The Corner" today, Mark Steyn, in a piece aptly entitled "Crying Lone Wolf," has some interesting musings regarding the Times Square bomber:

Whenever something goofy happens — bomb in Times Square, mass shootings at a US military base, etc. — there seem to be two kinds of reactions:

a) Some people go, "Hmm. I wonder if this involves some guy with a name like Mohammed who has e-mails from Yemen."

b) Other people go, "Don't worry, there's no connection to terrorism, and anyway, even if there is, it's all very amateurish, and besides he's most likely an isolated extremist or lone wolf."

Unfortunately, everyone in category (b) seems to work for the government.

How sad but true for Americans.

Since Barack Obama became president, there has been an alarming uptick in Islamo-radical terrorist attacks on the U.S.A. The failed Times Square bomb plot this past week is one more example of the U.S. dodging a terrorist bullet, so to speak. Add that Islamo-radical terrorist attempt to the September 2009 failed New York City subway bomb plot, the November 2009 Fort Hood massacre, the December 2009 failed Christmas bombing of Northwest Flight 253, and we have quite a disturbing trend developing under President Hope-and-Change.

Our law enforcement is doing an outstanding job of foiling Islamic terrorist plots to kill Americans, but I doubt we'll be so fortunate every time. As September 11, 2001 proved--our enemies--or, these "isolated extremists," in Obamaspeak--only need to be lucky once to bring disaster to our country. It would be somewhat reassuring if our president at least pretended to take these determined killers a bit more seriously.