Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Pain of the Game

You can ask any San Diego Padre fan and they'll most likely agree--baseball breaks your heart.

Armando Galarraga pitched a perfect game last night. Even if the blown call is reversed--and I hope and pray that it is--he's been robbed of his joyful moment at game's end. Nobody ever said that life is fair. But for a baseball fan, this kind of painful injustice is hard to take.

Let's hope the officials reviewing the call will put things right. At least that will give Galarraga his well-earned place in the record books.

Congratulations, Armando. Regardless of the final ruling, you pitched a perfect game. You know it, just like everyone who has seen the play knows it--including the umpire who made the mistake. Small comfort, I know, but I hope it helps.

UPDATE: Alas, there will be no reversing of this sad decision. As Pete always said, "That's the game." It is somewhat uplifting, though, to watch the compassion and dignity of all parties involved. If there's a bright side to be found, that's it. In an age of selfishness, we've seen a gracious, classy sportsmanship that I thought was long extinct.