Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pledging Improvement

National Review Online has posted an editorial analyzing the Republican "Pledge to America." There are five components in the pledge, each of them compelling and timely. If your time doesn't allow you to read the full article, a quick review of the key points appears below:

1. Jobs - stop tax increases, require congressional approval of all new regulations, give small businesses a tax break.

2. Budget restraint - cut spending to pre-bailout/stimulus levels, impose a federal hiring freeze, require a full accounting of Social Security and Medicare funds.

3. Obamacare - (this is a biggy) - repeal Obama's healthcare bill, require medical malpractice reform, allow purchase of insurance across state lines, increase funding for high-risk pre-existing conditions, ban federal funding of abortion.

4. Transparency - require that all new legislation be available for public review online for 72 hours before any action is taken by Congress.

5. National Defense - keep troop funding bills clean, support military courts, improve missile defense systems, maintain sanctions on Iran, introduce legislation for combined state-and local control of illegal immigration.

There's nothing for me to argue against in any of those five points. I wonder how Democratic competition will manage.