Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ego on Display

Jonah Goldberg, whose wry observations rarely fail to make me smile, has done it again with his NRO article, "Obama's Outsized Ego." Even for his supporters, it's hard to avoid the fact that President Obama's high opinion of himself is contributing to our national woes. A good example is this public reprimand to him from a hardworking U.S. citizen, someone who supported and voted for him.

Even Victor Davis Hanson, usually the most serious of analysts, scores well with a satirical review of the president's policies and how they are pounding us into further difficulties. "How to Turn a Recession into a Depression" is more truth than poetry.

Both articles boil down to the fact that the president will force his will upon the country because he is convinced that he is the smartest man in the universe and the voters are just too stupid to realize his magnificence.

We Americans have many big problems on our hands, but perhaps none more potentially damaging to the country than Obama's ego.

Election countdown:

17 days to the 2010 mid-term elections

751 days to the 2012 presidential election