Friday, June 10, 2011

Ten Reasons Why Weiner Should Resign—Now

Reasons for Weiner's Resignation:

1. He is a liar.

2. He distributed smutty photos online, conduct unbecoming a Congressman (at least, in theory).

3. He is a liar.

4. He cyber-stalked women he hadn’t met using filthy language and images.

5. He is a liar.

6. He is unfit, because of his actions, to hold office representing U.S. citizens.

7. He is a liar.

8. He says he is taking “full responsibility” for his actions—where are the consequences?

9. He is a liar.

10. He is perverted, craven, depraved, disgusting, and probably mentally ill.

Oh, and did I mention this reason? He is a liar.