Thursday, August 04, 2011

Receding Jobs

While the president is off celebrating his Big Five-O, the stock market took a bad tumble. Well, as Obama pointed out last night, he didn't mean "change we can believe in tomorrow." Evidently his miraculous powers take considerable time to gestate. Will it be three years before our superhero saves us? Four?

Hmm. I wonder how many more dips the Dow will take and how many more Americans will be out of work before the 2012 election?

On the topic of losing jobs, I recently watched "The Company Men." It's a smart film with a stellar cast portraying a familiar theme in today's hard times. Highly successful career men are caught in a corporate downsizing, and how they manage their misfortune reflects the torrent of emotions that any laid-off worker experiences. The movie also expresses the angst and guilt often felt by surviving managers who must cut their staff, as well as the coldness and greed of executives whose rise has lifted them above compassion.

I'm apprehensive that there will be many more "company men" out on the street before Americans see any signs of that elusive "change we can believe in" Obama was always talking about. Perhaps he was referring to the 2012 election? Now, there's a change I can believe in.