Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Ten-Step Solution

Dennis Prager’s article, “Still the Only Solution to the World’s Problems,” extols the benefits to society of following a simple set of rules recorded 3,000 years ago: the Ten Commandments.

It’s difficult to argue with Prager’s position. The Ten Commandments set a very high bar for human awareness, behavior, and social interaction, and logic will tell any thinking person that, if followed, they are a recipe for a peaceful world. Read them, with Prager’s insightful commentary on modern examples, and see if you aren’t compelled to agree.

When the influence of the Ten Commandments is absent from any society or civilization, what is the end result? Some tragic examples from the last century are Nazism, Communism and, currently, Islamism. The vast number of people who have suffered and died under these cruel regimes is incalculable.

A popular radio host and author, Prager is also a noted Hebrew scholar and teacher—quite an accomplished fellow. But he makes his case for the power of the Ten Commandments in plain language for anyone of any philosophy to read, learn from, and live by while in pursuit of a better world.